Say Neigh To Drugs

Welcome to Dependable Equine Alternatives. We offer all natural horse supplements. The majority of health problems in animals (much like humans) are due to a nutritional deficiency. Vitamins and minerals boost the immune system and support natural growth and development. The body needs vitamins and minerals each day to remain healthy and function properly.

Many horse feeds are mainly fillers, which means they lack in nutritional substance, so many horses aren’t getting the nutrients they need. Why feed your horse synthetic junk when you can give an all-natural and balanced daily supplement? More people are turning to all natural and holistic products for their animals, recognizing the benefits, both in terms of health and cost savings.

Our products are made from human-grade, all natural ingredients and free from irradiation. We use no fillers, artificial ingredients, colors, preservatives or chemicals. Though our primary intention is to use on horses, we have several customers also use them on other animals and livestock, such as sheep, goats, deer and cows.

A holistic approach to complete horse health. Our supplements not only keeps your horse happy and healthy but also saves you money.

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A powerful blend of herbs to help boost the immune system.

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